The Beginning of Chaotic Order Pt. 1


Learning about learning has me thinking of the probability that there’s so much more we have yet to learn or know.  And as such, it has me questioning how what we learn or know can come to be untrue.  Every individuals knowledge can come to differ or contradict with one other’s.  The world as we know it is subjective to each of our perspectives and experiences… Yet where is the absolute?

As we take in new information and are connecting it to what we already know – we are finding relationships.  What we already know is not always the same as someone else’s version of “the truth”.  We have different experiences causing different perspectives or memories causing those relationships to relate to new information in a different way.  What I’m saying is what we experience as we grow,  what we come to know, sets the stage for all neural connections/pathways in our brain.  What we are grounded in can effect the order in which we learn (Your Neural Network).

The subject of the film “Roshamon” has very interesting reasoning behind it. The subjective recollections behind the character’s all differ after witnessing one crucial event earlier in the movie.  The film ends with an outside witness, dictating an absolute version of events that countered each individuals subjective version of what took place.

Much like the movie, as we attempt to recall a memory, it travels the neural pathways we create as we associate it to what we already know – in our long-term memory. This can cause the memory to alter as we make those relationships. Although everything seems subjective, to each subjective thought there is an order – a relationship of parts – stemming from the original order before it.


It’s interesting that even the mind, as the rest of the world, works in a way of relationships – a sort of ecosystem of parts.  We live in an ecosystem of many different & smaller ecosystems that make up the whole of one.  Although, seemingly chaotic, a closer look illuminates the order in which it is made.

And so I have to wonder, where is the end to the environments and systems we are in? Is there a beginning to our space; an onset of time and matter; the beginning to the order of things as we know it; so to say, an absolute beyond time and space?


Liberation Redux


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