In 2011 we started the band Liberation Redux as a recording project.  The songs that we crafted turned out really well and so we began to play them live.  Most of 2012 was spent testing out our experimental sounds on the local public.  After much pushing and pulling we have been informed that we would do much better in the West coast than in the Midwest.  So, instead of beginning again as a hard core group or as a rap act we have decided to take these wise folks up on their offer and head outside of our current geographic limitations.  We have discovered the internet!  Many smarter people than ourselves have informed us that beginning a blog is the best way to launch out into the deep of cyberspace.  Welcome to our first foray into new territory!

For us this music is the very definition of liberation… from the day to day… from what you can’t change about the world around you… it comes from a pure place and we hope that you can get that much out of it.

The name of this blog derives from one of our favorite poems by Audrey Lorde, A Litany for Survival.  As a small homage we’ve also included it as a lyric in our song Kairos.  In time we hope to give you something substantial here for you to explore. Thanks for reading/listening and enjoy.



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